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Harley Stage 2 Kits

Harley Davidson Stage 2 Performance Kit

Harley Davidson stage 2 performance kit
Harley Davidson Stage 2 Performance Kit

Stage 2 Harley Davidson performance stage 2 kits are designed to take your Harley engine performance to the next level after you have installed the Stage 1 kit.

These engine performance modifications work only if the Stage 1 kit kit has been completed.

At GRM Performance Centre Melbourne we don't just stop at Stage 1 kits, we offer the next stage of engine performance enhancements for your Harley Davidson that will take it to an all new level of horsepower and torque. These Harley Davidson engine modifications are aimed at the core of how your engine works, providing power and engine efficiency above the engines original design without harming the engine or decreasing reliability or engine life.

As part of our Stage 2 Performance Kit we take the key mechanical elements of your Harley engine and perform high performance upgrades, giving substantial engine performance increase. GRM Performance Centre Melbourne Stage 2 upgrades specifically suited to Harley Davidson consists of the following:

Approved Dynojet Power Commander tuning centre
DynoJet Power vision tuning centre
Harley Davidson Big Bore Kits

Big Bore Kits as part of your Harley Davidson Stage 2 performance upgrade kit is something that cannot be taken lightly. Increasing the bore or cylinder size of your engine is a very scientific operation. Incorrect installation will reduce your engine life and reliability.

We know the bore size options that will give you the best mix of performance, reliability and power delivery for your specific engine. Big Bore kits from GRM Performance Centre Melbourne in conjunction with the modified cams and pistons provide amazing power and torque increase giving you the absolute maximum power that stage 2 performance enhance can deliver.

We chose from only reputable and proven big bore kits to give you the confidence and satisfaction from your ride and well as an totally enjoyable riding experience. Talk to us today about our stage 2 Harley Davidson Engine Performance Kits Melbourne and how we can make your ride something to really enjoy.

Harley Davidson performance cams - Harley Stage 2 Kit Performance cams - Harley Stage 2 Kit Harley high compression pistons - Harley Stage 2 Kit Harley Davidson high compression pistons  - Harley Stage 2 Kit
Harley Davidson Performance Modified Cams

GRM Performance Centre modified cams are designed to change the RPM point where your engine will run at it's highest torque performance. This will vary depending on the type of rider and riding conditions that suit you.

Our modified cams can optimize the air and fuel intake, close and exhaust point to give you the most efficient engine burn at the point of RPM where you want it the most.

We talk with you and discuss your riding needs and expectations to give your the modified cam that will work the best for your Harley and your riding style.

Harley Davidson High Compression Pistons

Our stage 2 Harley Davidson high compression pistons will increase the compression or power each stroke of your Harley engine delivering more horsepower and torque. We offer an extensive range of high compression pistons each with their own performance characteristics and design elements that suit certain Harley engines and rider expectations. The selection of compression ration and design requires the expertise and experience of a qualified mechanic with extensive training.

At GRM Performance Centre we have the experience and equipment to give you the best results for your Harley engine that won't damage the engine or reduce engine life. Don't trust this stage 2 performance upgrade to inexperienced mechanics that don't have the tools and expertise to do this exactly right.

We will discuss with you our recommended choice of high compression pistons for you giving you the assurance you are in good hands.

Harley Davidson Stage 2 Performance Customer Satisfaction

We offer full customer satisfaction with our Harley Davidson Stage 2 kits, giving you a result that will amaze you.

We even provide a dyno performance map of your engine performance when you pick up your Harley showing the increased power and performance.

Talk to us today about our Stage 2 Harley Davidson Performance Kits, there is no better way to get more from your ride.

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