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Why you need Dynojet Power Commander on a Motorcycle

Dynojet Power Commander Motorcyle Melbourne
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The Dynojet Power Commander for Motorcycles is not magic; it gives the user the ability to change the fuel (and ignition on some models) at given throttle positions versus any given RPM.

On a completely stock motorbike the fuel curve is usually fine at 100% throttle. However at the lower throttle openings the fuel curve is usually lean. Installing a properly mapped Dynojet Power Commander on a motorcycle like this would make no improvement at 100% throttle, therefore attaining no peak horsepower gain.

However in the lower throttle openings where the fuel curve was lean, the motorcycle will run smoother, cooler and have better throttle response providing a more confident ride. If you did before and after part throttle roll-ons i.e 20% you might see a 30% increase in power.

Powervision power commander tuning Melbourne

The more the modifications change the shape of the air curve the more improvement you will get from the Dynojet Power Commander. Stock bikes can benefit from a Dynojet Power Commander, but if your bike has any modifications, it needs a Dynojet Power Commander. This is why most motorcycle exhaust manufacturers recommend it.

Power Commander tuning centre Melbourne
Why, if you own a Fuel Injected motorcycle, do you need a Dynojet Power Commander

If you change the air flow of a carbureted bike for different pipes, air-box, cams, etc you would need to change the jetting. With a fuel injected bike, you must adjust the fuel curve electronically, and that's where the Dynojet Power Commander comes in.

With a Dynoject Power Commander on your motorcycle, it will run smoother, cooler and have better throttle response.

Power Commander Benefits:
  • It improves horsepower
  • Provides better throttle response
  • Improved Rideability
  • It reduces running temperatures, pinging and can help prevent pipe bluing
  • You can continue to add performance accessories of any type and simply install a new map to tune the motorcycle

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