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Sports Bike Performance Upgrade - Stage 1 Melbourne

Sports Bike Stage 1 Performance Kit

Sports Bike Stage 1 Performance Kit
Sports Bike Stage 1 Kit

GRM Performance's Centre Melbourne has experienced and qualified mechanics who can deliver more power to your Sports Bike. The first step in higher performance from your Sports Bike is our Stage 1 performance kit below.

These components are the essential upgrades needed before completing any other performance work to your motorcycle.

Our Stage 1 Sports Bike performance kit listed below is for those that current have a stock or only midly modified engine. If you already have other modifications, please talk to us about the suitablity of the stage 1 performance upgrades so we can ensure that any recommended upgrade will give you true results.

With the endless number of performance upgrades you can make to your Sports Bike it is important to choose the most suitable options that will deliver the best results for your specific make and model. At GRM Performance Centre Melbourne we can advise on what performance enhancements will give you the best results for your motorcycle.

GRM Performance Centre Stage 1 upgrades specifically suited to Sports Bikes consists of the following:

There is no greater beginning upgrade you can make than a Stage 1 which is entirely a add-on procedure to your current engine. These high performance upgrades can be installed individually but the true performance increase on your Sports Bike will only come to being once all three of these components are completed.

Sports Bike High Flow Air Intakes

Sports Bike Engine high flow air intakes allow more air into your engine for ignition. This gives the engine as much free air as it needs rather than it being restricted as the stock air intakes are designed.

This is the simplest performance upgrade for your Sports Bike engine. Depending on your budget this ranges from changing the air cleaner to a high air flow model to a a new high air flow air intake full intake assembly such as BMC, Street Bike, K&N, Kuryakyn, Performance Machine and more. Each option offers different design looks, and shapes for better air flow.

You don’t have to spend a fortune but select a design that will fit your bike well, blends into your overall theme and is of a quality brand. Some of the models to choose from allow you to use your stock cover to keep your orginal look and design.

Sports Bike High Performance Slip On Exhausts

Air intake is only half of the equation of increased airflow to your engine. High performance air exhaust flow is the other half of the equation. If your engine can get all the air it can use, this then needs to be expelled just as easily or your engine will continue to struggle to run at it's peak performance.

GRM Performance Centre have available a large range of slip on exhausts designed for unrestricted exhaust flow out of the engine. Popular slip-on models include Yoshimura, Akrapovic, Vance and Hines and Two Brothers to name a few.

High Performance slip on exhausts can add quality mofied look to your sports bike & can deliver a custom sound as well. A free breathing exhaust system for your Sports Bike is a must have performance upgrade to achieve more performance and allow your engine to run unrestricted.

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Re Jetted Carburetor or Remapped EFI

With free air take and exhaust out your sports bike engine now has the setting to provide a more stable and effect fuel mixture. Standard carburetors and EFI's are not designed with the performance potential your engine now has.

Sports Bike Carburetor models

Your carburetor or EFI will need to be corrected to compensate for how differently the engine now breathes. On a carbureted sports bike engine this means 're jetting' to allow more air and fuel into the engine in a controlled and managed manner.

As part of your stage 1 kit we install new carburetor jets designed specifically for your make and model of motorcycle, offering true performance fuel management and increased engine efficiency.

Sports Bike EFI models

EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) models are another story. Fuel injected models use a preprogrammed mapped computer to instruct how much fuel is to be delivered. Since you have changed the way the engine breathes, those instructions will not supply the proper stable fuel mixture or give you the best out of the performance potential your engine now has.

We recommend Power Commander or Power Vision systems which are the most reputable and proven on Sports Bike engines.

Both Power Commander & Power Vision System can be programmed or 're-mapped' to deliver the perfect fuel mix to air intake and exhaust ratio at any RPM or riding condition - but this can only be achieved by programming the unit on a Dyno Jet dyno machine designed to run your engine through every riding scenario and map the computer with the fuel mix instructions.

GRM Performance Centre is one of the very few fully authorized and certified Power Commander DynoJet Testing Center, using the latest in Power Commander Dyno equipment installed in a sealed dyno room. Ghostriders can, as part of your stage 1 performance enhancement, program your engine to run at peak performance, no matter what EFI model of sports motorcycle you ride.

Victory Dynojet approved tuning centre Melbourne

Sports Bike Stage 1 Performance Customer Satisfaction

We offer full customer satisfaction with our Sports Bike Stage 1 kits, giving you a result that will amaze you.

We even provide a dyno performance map of your engine performance when you pick up your Victory showing the increased power and performance.

Talk to us today about our Sports Bike Performance Kits. There is no better way to get more from your ride.

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