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Harley Davidson Stage 3 Kit

Harley Davidson stage 3 performance kit
Harley Davidson Stage 3 Performance Kit

GRM Performance Centre Melbourne offers the latest stage 3 kit performance upgrade for Harley Davidsons - Pro Charger Superchargers.

Stage 1 will be required to get the increased performance value from our superchargers however this cannot be combined with our Harley Davidson Stage 2 kit.

The Harley-Davidson Twin Cam EFI ProCharger system contains the powerful and efficient B-1 ProCharger, a complete air-to-air intercooler system, supercharger bracket, outer primary cover, power take-off, air filter cover, belt tensioner, surge/bypass valve, computer programming, air filter, belts and hoses.

At GRM Performance Centre Melbourne we are trained and experienced in installing the Pro Charger Supercharger system into Harley Davidsons and tuning your Harley to get the very best performance results without harming your engine.

Procharger supercharger
Harley pro charger superchargersHarley pro charger super chargerPro charger super charger for Harley Davidson MelbournePro charger super charger for Harley Davidson Melbourne
Pro Charger Superchargers

At the same boost level, an Intercooled ProCharger operates at only 6-11°C above ambient!

This tremendous advantage from cooler air is just like the difference between riding on a cold winter day vs. the blistering heat of summer!

Roots-style superchargers generate excessive heat due to poor efficiency and the heat transfer resulting from being mounted to the engine itself and produce very minimal power gains.

Turbochargers are able to utilize air-to-air intercooling and have efficient compressors, but are subject to extreme heat transfer from their exhaust interface and generate substantial exhaust back pressure. Intercooled ProCharger systems are the fundamental solution - not only is less heat added when the air is compressed, less heat is absorbed from the engine and exhaust, and the majority of the remaining heat is removed through an intercooler. Cool charge air temperatures reduce exposure to detonation and are the key to maximizing power and engine longevity.

Harley Davidson Stage 3 Performance Customer Satisfaction

We offer full customer satisfaction with our Harley Davidson Stage 3 kits, giving you a result that you will be amazed with.

We will even provide a dyno performance map of your engine performance when you pick up your Harley showing the increased power and performance.

Talk to us today about our Stage 3 Harley Davidson Performance Kits, there is no better way to get more from your ride.

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